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COMECO brand seawater desalination reverse osmosis membranes  (swro) are high productivity membranes for small on-board watermakers and onshore installations, all models offer the highest levels of salt rejection and a high quality end product.

These are European-made membranes that meet the highest quality standards, making them the best choice between quality and price.

The formulations of each membrane have been designed to adapt to the different salinity levels of seawater around the world, offering reliable and proven performance in hundreds of watermakers installed both on ships and on land.

Sea Water Elements Excellent Rejection Very Good Productivity
Model Max.Pressure Permeate Flow, LPD Test * PDF
SW-2521 99,6% 900 A See
SW-2540 99,6% 2100 A See
SW-4021 99,6% 2600 A See
SW-4040 99,6% 6400 A See
* Test Condition:
Test NaCl Solution ppm Pressure psig (MPa) Temperature °C (°F) pH range Recovery
A 32000 800 (56) 25 (77) 6.5 – 7.0 10