Alpha 2.15.60.D24



The Alpha 2.15.60.D24 high pressure pumps exploit a totally innovative concept as many components, including the pump head, are made of technopolymers and guarantee very high resistance to corrosion and chemical agents. Inside we find first-rate material such as VITON seals and metal components in AISI 316L STEEL.

All this allows us as a final result to have a pump with very low noise and absence of vibrations and at the same time very high volumetric efficiency and very low weight.

Motor shaft diameter: 24 mm

Pressure: 60 bar


50Hz: 1450

60Hz: 1750

Flow rate

50Hz: 15.4 l/m

60Hz: 18.6 l/m


50Hz: 2.5Hp

60Hz: 3.1Hp

Weight: 7.5 kg


Technical Sheet



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